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Luxembourg School of Business

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Thibaut Muller X LSB 

Together with the Luxembourg School of Business, we will invite all the people who are part of the LSB journey, to share their experiences, not only in regard to the institution and what makes it a great place to network, gain knowledge and fast-track one's career, but also their life-stories. 
The Luxembourg School of Business is an open and modern institution, opening its doors to people coming from all the parts of the world. As we, human beings, are all different, coming from different religious, social and cultural backgrounds, the podcast aims to capture everyone's "uniqueness". 


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Your question - my answer

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Send me your question, whatever topic, and I will get back to you in an episode.

I. Your question - my answer

What does "happiness" even mean? Should we actively pursue happiness?

More in this episode, in my rubric "Your question - my answer".

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II. Your question - my answer

Death? A necessary "evil" to life itself? Check out my latest answer.

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III. Luxembourg School of Business:

In this episode, you will have the chance to discover Luis Garcia, a father of three, happily married, IT specialist and not to forget, a Real Madrid fanatic. 
In this episode, Luis Garcia will share his motives on why he started the MBA.

So tune in.

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IV. Luxembourg School of Business:

Professor Dan McCray from Cornell University and LSB sat down with us and opened up about the field of "Negotiations" and introduced the concept of "growing the pie" before splitting it.
What is key when negotiating successfully?
Listening and grasping the other side's demands.

Check it out via the link below: 

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